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The odds of winning the United States Lottery Online

United States of America has a diverse range of lotteries which are mostly limited to states. Almost all states of the United States of America have their own government sponsored lotteries and the latest addition is Arkansas which approved the lottery in the 2008 elections. Playing United States Lottery online is a favorite pastime of many Americans and quite a few of them have gone from rags to riches doing so.

The most famous of the US lotteries are the Mega Millions and the Powerball matrix which are played across states. In fact, these are the only two lotteries in USA that are played cross-border. Before you play the United States lottery jackpots online, let us take a look at the odds you are stacked against.

The odds involved in United States Lottery Online

USA Lotto Power Ball OnlineThe Powerball matrix is played 1/59 + 1/39 which means picking 1 of 59 white balls and 1 of 39 megaplier (red) balls or numbers. The odds of winning in such a situation mathematically are 1 in 200 million (1/195,249,054). Strikingly similar is the mega millions that is played 5/56 + 1/46 where the odds are 1/175,711,536. Although these are mere numbers and they have nothing to do with your lady luck, they do have a great significance when you play the United States lottery online.

If all the Powerball combinations can be printed in a book, believe it or not it will take about 300 copies of Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary (size is 1600 pages of 100 lines printed in 2 columns) when printed in the same size, font and pages. And, mega millions combinations will cover about 275 of such books. Well, you can see and imagine how you will pick the right jackpot combination from so many books, not withstanding the fact that you have to go through all of them before you do so. I would deem a winner lucky if he/she can pick the right book in the first place. The odds in short are more than being hit by lightning and less than being elected the president.

The Arguments

When you are a fan and play the United States lottery jackpots online, you may argue that there are lesser prizes to be won. Yes, in fact many people win prizes in excess of $100,000 every year. There is no reason why you should not play.

The substantiation

Playing the United States Lottery online is substantiated by the simple fact that the lottery is a game of chance and may the luckiest person win. Well, that’s why we call it a lottery in the first place.

This article is in no way designed to discourage you to play the United States Lottery Jackpots Online but to enlighten you to the facts as mathematically calculated. One thing you can be sure of is that no mathematician of any caliber can win the United States lottery online based on pure calculations. More information and help is available at Wintrillions

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