Poker vs sports betting

Poker vs sports betting vs the lotto

The first two popular gambling activities have one thing in common, namely the fact that there is a lot of skilled involved in both. Poker, for one, is a very complex game, especially on the levels where higher buy-ins are involved. Both cash games with blinds such as $2/4 No Limit and tournaments with buy-ins of over $100 attract a lot of players that have high skill levels. And the bigger the money involved is, the better the players are.

That said, your friendly home game is not a good preparation for such a game. Therefor, we recommend for you to visit sites like this one (click link) to get info on best strategies, which poker room to choose and more.

Sports betting is about two things mainly: first, picking "good" spots, i.e. matches where the odds may not quite adequately represent reality, and second, excellent knowledge and, if possible, insider information about the sports activity in question. We recommend that you focus on a sport that you know very well, maybe you have played at a good level yourself, or have done coaching in that specific sport. At least, you should have followed all news pertaining to the specific sport or the league you want to place a bet on.

As with everything else, help can be found on the internet: valuable info on various sports can be found on sites like, or you can just google for keywords like "soccer betting tips" etc. Being well-informed can make you a lot of money, so we advise to get as much advice as you can possibly get.

The Lottery

Now this a different story entirely. Everyone knows that, in order to win big at the lottery, you just need luck. Don't let anyone fool you into believing that there is a system to win the jackpot. The only strategy here is to play when the stakes, e.g. the jackpots are high. Your best option is to not restrict yourself to your local lottery. Did you know that you can get tickets for most international lotteries online now? Click here to get more info about how this works.

Obviously, with dozens of different jackpots within your reach, the best strategy is to pick whichever lottery has the highest jackpot. That is how you get the best value for your money. This does not necessarily have to be your local lotto, many European lotteries have great prizes as well.

So, whichever type of gambling for money you prepare, make sure that you have enough information about it. Go online and use a search engine to find what you are looking for. And finally, please use financial discipline and do not wager money that you cannot afford to lose!



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